Here is a snapshot of artisans at our head store roasting chestnuts. Using techniques mastered over many years, we painstakingly roast our Amakuri right in our storefront. As the shell of the chestnut is slowly roasted, the sugars inside become slightly caramelized giving off an alluring sweet aroma. Beckoned by this enticing smell, passersby are in turn drawn to our shop one after the other.

Amakuri are most delicious when freshly roasted chestnuts, and the chestnuts we sell are always roasted that very day. “We don’t sell day-old chestnuts.” This reflects our unwavering commitment to flavor that we have honored since first opening our store.

Our CEO travels to China and painstakingly pick the best, top-quality ‘Kohoku Ritsu’. That being said, even the most carefully selected chestnuts are not all created equal. Taking into consideration the quality of the harvest, climate, hardness of the chestnut and storage conditions, we carefully adjust the roasting method and time each day in order to provide the best, carefully-roasted chestnuts.

The chestnut roaster at our head store has been lovingly used by our staff for over 80 years. The rich history contained in the roaster’s texture imparts a refined dignity on the sweet chestnuts and helps maintain their exquisite flavor.

The small stones used for roasting the chestnuts have been specially selected from rivers due to their resilient character. When heated, these stones offer superior heat retention, and thanks to their extremely robust character, never fragment during the roasting process. This allows us to roast our chestnuts to perfection each and every time.


  • 素材
  • 焼き
  • 伝統